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 UnOfficial Faction Rules

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UnOfficial Faction Rules Empty
PostSubject: UnOfficial Faction Rules   UnOfficial Faction Rules EmptyMon 29 Nov 2010, 22:38

1. Dont make a DM faction.

2. Dont make a copy of official factions.

3. Always roleplay with the faction.

4. Report all rulebreakers of the server to an forum admin.

5. Dont wine to become an official.

6. Make a good location for your faction.

7. Make an overviewed forum topic.

8. Dont post sexsual pictures.

9. Dont ask admin to promote your faction.

10. Make the faction as real as possible.

List get updated as soon as we have made more rules.

If you break any of these rules as an un-official faction, your faction will get BANNED.
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UnOfficial Faction Rules
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