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 Character Development

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PostSubject: Character Development   Character Development EmptyMon 29 Nov 2010, 17:46

Lately I've noticed so much role play that could be improved by character development. Everyone's character is some kind of fearless super human that can take on anything. I'm getting kinda bored of this and this role play guide is for anyone who wants to change the way role play is done.

1. Strengths and weaknesses of your character:

People are fine with coming up with strengths for there character, but hardly anyone has any weaknesses. Nobody is afraid of anything. Try to come up with 3 strengths and weaknesses for your character. There is nothing wrong with weakness in role play it makes the role play a lot more interesting. One think I've noticed that ALL players do which is something we can try and avoid is that anyone can drive any vehicle, take planes for example, around 1% of the population can probably fly a plane yet 100% of people's characters on the server can fly planes, If your character must fly a plane this should be one of your strength's.

The same goes for heavy utility vehicles, in real life people are trained to use them, so either driving them is a strength or not being able to drive them is a weakness. For every strength you come up with, try to come up with a weakness to balance it out.

Strengths could include:

Close quarters combat
Ability to fly planes
Ability to fly helicopters
Ability to drive heavy duty vehicles
Standard weapons training (pistols, shotgun, uzi's)
Advanced weapons training (m4, ak,)

Weaknesses could include:
Fear of zombies
Fear of fighting
Inability to fly planes
Inability to fly helicopters
Inability to drive heavy duty vehicles

2. Emotions and thoughts

Players seem to have no emotions, emotions include:


use /me to let other players know how your character is feeling, adapt your characters role to be able to handle more complex emotions that are a combination of primary emotions.


If you let other players know how you are feeling it help's set the scene for a role play.

3. Use descriptive words in /me

Instead of just saying /me puts his gas mask on, you could do /me carefully puts his black gas mask on.

You can add speeds of doing things, slowly, steadily, quickly e.t.c
Add colours and descriptive words, like /me reloads could be /me quickly reloads his gold desert eagle.

Also add as much description to anything that you are trying to do that is not a visual in a game, the better scene you set for RP the better standard the role play will be.

Thanks to Danny Mike [WRAY] for making this.

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Character Development
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