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 Al´s Story : What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

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Al´s Story : What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger Empty
PostSubject: Al´s Story : What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger   Al´s Story : What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger EmptyThu 05 May 2011, 02:21

My name is Alessio Rizzo, born in Sorrento (Italy).
One day when i came back from school (think i was 13) i saw my home on fire, i throwed away my school bag and sprinted the stairs up to the 2nd floor.
The smoke in my lungs made me breath hard, suddenly i heard shouting inside our apartment I flung open the door and BANG...1Month later i woke up in hospital.
The Doctor handed me a mirror :"Your lookin' way better now brave guy" A big brandmark graced my face...

4 Years later....
"Al...i have to talk about something important with you" said uncle "What is it uncle?" i asked, "Well remember the accident when your parents died?...well of course you do" i was strongly holding my tears back as he continued "It wasnt an accident....Your dad was partial of the Sorrento Mafia, some American special force gave your father an opportunity they promised enough money to give him and you a good live...Well the mafia found out that he betrayed them and yes the following you already know... Al ! they want you dead too" he nervously looked around.... "get your clothes fast ! we are leaving tonight!" I was confused but he pushed me up the stairs, couldn´t even asked why ? or where to....

"Get out now...get on the ship and dont look back, once your in New York your cousin is waiting at the harbor. Go now !" Uncle cried....

4 Years in New York....

All those years i worked my ass off i trained hard and i learned hard. Why ?
Revenge...I was member of the same special force that tried to gave my father and me a good live...together.
But things just got even more worse....

Day 1 : The people around are out of control they are screaming and try to get a way out of the city...*chuckles* i dont get it what is this all about ? oh...one crazy dude bite Jay no clue why he did this. We
heading to Hospital now. Al out *chr chr*

Day2 : Jesus Christ ! i dont know what the fuck is going on here our position is the All Saints Hospital in room 3-35 we locked the doors and let no one in, Jay is dead but he is with us...we wont let him
out there with all these crazy peoples around. I dont know what is going on here we gonna lay low until the situation calme and....wa wa wait Jay ? you are still alive ? Jay ? oh my god " chr chr"

Day3 : This must be a nightmare...people coming back from dead and starting attack ? *sigh* im hiding in some exhaust pipe at the 1st floor still in hopsital, well if some one can hear me please answer...i gonna try to get out of here heading south...hope the army station is still under controll....Alessio signing out...*chr chr*

Day4 : On my way to the Army base i met some other "normal" people they told me the Army base would be overrun...we hiding in a skyscraper appartment, they call "them" Zombies if you get bite you follow them....food rations are less, soon we have to get out and find some food otherwise we gonna die in here....*chr chr*

((To be continue))

((Thought i start a story now so i dont have to do this later on Wink spelling errors can be kept))
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Al´s Story : What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
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