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((In Character))

Firstname: Marc

Lastname: Dawson

Age: 24

How long have you been a citizen of New York:

I havent been a citizen of new york, i was just sent to New York.

What unit do you want to join in Umbrella:
(u.c.s.t. / u.s.s. / u.s.f.u.)

Umbrella Special Forces Unit - U.S.F.U

Can you communicate effectively in the English language:

Maybe yes.

Why do you want to join Umbrella Corporation (min. 30 words):

I am a Self and well trained Soldier, I want to join because i believe i have the skills to join Umbrella Corporation.

Do you have posses any knowledge about weapons:

I was in the U.S Marine Corps, Special Forces

Do you have posses any knowledge about our corporation:


Have you even been convicted for a serious crime:


Have you ever been in prison as an inmate:

I was in the Marine and was a legit person

Tell us about your life in the outbreak (minimum of 150 words):

I am Marc L. Dawson, I am a U.S.M.C Staff Sargeant, Bravo Squad, Commanding 3 Highly Trained Marines
I was Stationed inside the John F. Kennedy Aircraft Carrier Navy Fleet

September 28, 10:55 AM - John F. Kennedy Aircract Carrier

General John McGrey called us into the Briefing Room and start telling us,

That 5 minutes ago we have recieved an Emergency Call coming from New York City Police Department, they said people was raging and going crazy and they already have 532 Police Officers confirmed dead or gone "crazy" and 500,554 New York Citizen confirmed missing/dead/gone crazy. so General decided to Send me and my team to New York City to check the situation.

September 28, 11:35 AM - Sea Border of the United States, New York City.

As we entered and flying above New York, i saw a very horrifying scene people dieng and getting eaten alive, getting ripped off, people running around like they dont know what they are doing, As i was specting it was only a Simple Riot but its not, this is very weird i say.

As time is continuesly Running.

We radio'd back to the JFK Fleet and reported the situation, The General ordered us to continue mission and airborned us bellow, So what else can i do? order is an order, so ropes down slide down as we taking positions, our Transport helicopter left us behind, i wasnt specting that was going to happened and realized that we are on our own.

September 28, 12:03PM - Camp Rooftop

We are stationed on a Rooftop of a Building, We are trying to reach communication Radio back to HQ(Fleet) but no Respond.

September 28, 5:24PM - Sun Down

As wind blows you can also hear the Crowded Streets,After 5 Hours of Sleep,I woke up and turned my head to check if my men are alright, well they are, Corporal James tapped me and told me to keep quite so then i does they are pointing at the exit door, ok so we planned on how to get out of the roofs and to find a good spot, So no other exits other than the exit door to go downstairs, so we did opened the door quitely and sneaky and continued walking till we reach downstairs with flashlights are on offcourse.

September 28, 5:30PM - Daylight

As we reached Downstairs, Corporal James opened the front door and pointing flashlight to the outside, I notice someone injured and he was like distracted to the flashlight, Private Ryan asked the person if he is alright but the person keeps staring at us and he has a weird eyes, I now realized that it isnt Human anymore,I told Ryan to get back inside but its too late the Person Ryan asked Shouts like a crazy retard, and a Crowd of those things! came thru!
I shouted Run! So i contnuesly run to reach back Upstairs to the Rooftops, When i reach the rooftops i now realized that theres no more Choice! I jumped below hoping to hit something like a foam or something, when i hit the ground i lost conciousness.

September 29, 7:55AM - Umbrella Corporation

As i Regained conciousness, opened my eyes and look around me, i am very lucky i landed in a dumpster full of garbage in an Alley. I exited the Alley and continued to look forward, and i met this guy Sargeant Nicholai standing infront of this so called Internet Cafe "TW@T" and told me to come inside quickly and asked me if i am insterested with something.

I, Marc Dawson Promise that I will serve the Umbrella Corporation and I accept the Terms and Conditions.

(( Fixed. ))

((Out Of Character))







Where are you from:


Do you have any knowledge about zombies:

Offcourse i love surviving horror games/movies.

Do you have any knowledge about Resident Evil:

Yes i do, Umbrella Corp. did an experement to create a powerful Virus to inject to soldiers, to mutate the soldiers so they get advantage at fighting terrorism, well they accidentally spread the virus thru out the world and the experement was also a fail because dey cant control it, which is stupid.(lol)

Explain DeathMatch with one example:

Deathmatching or DMing is killing someone without a Good RP Reason.

Explain PowerGaming with one example (30 words minimum):

Powergaming or PGing is forcing an action towards a player, forcing them to RP what dey dont want to RP or do in the Roleplay.

Explain Metagaming example (30 words minimum):

Metagaming is something like knowing the things you dont know in the Roleplay or something like OOC knowledge mixing it to the IC situation.

Explain Roleplaying example (30 words minimum):

Roleplay, playing a Role of another character inside the virtual world acting out like Reality or Real Life.

Umbrella Corporation Application Format by Mister Smith and Mister Salvatore.
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U.S.F.U - Marc Dawson
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